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                           Where can our manufacturing operation find...


  • How do we at once drive up our levels of quality AND on-time customer delivery?
  • How do we bring down our operational costs while improving quality and delivery?
  • What's a real-world way of stemming the flow of bad supplier parts to our production line?
  • How do we make our operation absolutely top-notch without some new mega-program?

                                               The answer is...


               TURNAROUND: The Quality Path to Saving the Business

This book is a key supply chain resource - a practical, hands-on guide to successfully navigating the turnaround journey needed by so many manufacturers that are lagging in terms of quality consistency, on-time delivery and operational cost competitiveness.  It covers what-gets-done-when-and-why; and includes implementation lessons-learned, dozens of illustrative figures, and an application guide to help create a production environment that is poised to win. 


Midwest Book Review calls this book an "excellent pick" for any business wishing to overcome weaknesses that hamper achieving the level of productivity it takes to flourish.  

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